Hello world! My name is Wiebke, but since it’s not really an international name you can call me Wika if you like. It’s a combination of both my first names. I came up with the idea a few years ago when I couldn’t decide under which name I’d like to write. At that time I was searching for myself.

How life goes, I’ve been through a lot of shit in my past. I’ve made experiences with strokes of faith and encounters with toxic people. My nervous breakdown some years ago was unavoidable. But it had to happen because it’s true: You have to lose yourself first to find out who you really are.

Who am I? Who are you? Questions so simple and the gateway to connection, and yet it’s the most difficult to truly ask.

It’s a painful and tedious way to discover yourself and it’s a grueling process to recover from traumatic experience. I could list all those „constructions zones“ of my life that made me break, but that’s not my point. What I’d like to tell you is that I thought about giving up many times but I didn’t and never will and you are able as well to have the strength to keep going. I’ve reached out for help and learned how to open up and talk about emotions and what’s going on in the mind. My shadows kept following me through therapy, but I’ve faced them, digging down to their origin. I’m talking about years spent reflecting and analyzing myself and overthinking about life and people. But what made it really hard for me to find my way back into life was the incredibly widespread lack of understanding. How can it be that so many people have no comprehension of mental illnesses when every human being experiences at least once in his life what it means to suffer mentally? It has become my purpose to spread awareness for mental health.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in General and Comparative Literature, with a minor in Film Studies. I’ve always followed what speaks to me the most and I discovered my love for the written word and devotion to image creation early on. My strongest fascination applies for the subconscious, psychology is my biggest interest. Analyzing details and comprehending them as a whole, that’s my thing. In comparison with a pronounced spatial imagination I’m able to think in different perspectives. Being a sensitive Empath and while realizing and experiencing connections between suffer and joy, between mind and life, I recognize what I want to do: I want to help souls to heal.
With my studies, through therapy and years of reflection and research my knowledge grew and with the search for myself my passions of writing and creative expression became the meaning of my life.

Our passions are what drives us. What we love is what fulfilles our life with pleasure. Finding out about this brings you closer to who you are.

I recently turned 27 years old. My life has developed into something new in the past weeks. The process of change in self-development came to an end and I’ve left the old me and the darkness behind me. I’m excited for new things coming. I’m experiencing what it feels like to just be yourself and I’d like to show you how it’s possible.
On this website I want to share my journey and write about my story. I want to inspire you to connect with your creativity and to create an understanding. I want to make you see that there is so much beauty in the little things of life, even in its melancholy and that you can find happiness through your passion.


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