I’ve been looking for a place where I can share what’s on my mind and what my heart beats for. A way to release and express, to create and connect. A possibility to establish the life how I imagine it to be and to reveal myself through art.

In the last few years I’ve tried several times to run a blog. Almost one year ago, I decided to start all over again and created this domain. I had the purpose of sharing my thoughts and perceptions on things that matter to me and I wanted to start fulfilling my life with my passions and realize this dream of an own platform. As a child, I dreamed of my own magazine. As a teen, I dreamed of my own blog. And while coming of age, facing strokes of faith and going through hell, I’ve come to realize what drives me.
Writing has always kept me company, and the love for the written word has always been my way of expression and filter for emotions. Writing is so much more than passion to me.
Drawing is a part of myself that I forgot about. Rediscovering my passion for drawing, painting, fine and graphic arts was a relief. It’s a needed balance in my life and my practice of mindfulness. It calms me down and especially drawing mandalas is a way to connect deeply with my subconscious, because hence I’m evolving an awareness which clears the cluster of chaos in my mind.
Mindset is everything. The importance of mental health has become a purpose to me I want to write about and share knowledge based on lifetime experiences.

I’ve spontaneously created my website all new. First I just wanted a new design. But then I deleted all the inadequate, unsatisfying blogposts of recent months and it felt liberating. It seemed so negative reading them, knowing that the only thing I was doing over the past year was to postpone and still finding justify for myself, instead of just doing and simply being.
Here’ to a fresh start. The time has finally come, the years of process brought the change, and I’m becoming myself.
But I don’t want to explain any further or how I plan to evolve this place of creative expression. Just let me show you.

IMG_0876 (1).jpg